Engineered Hardwood Floors

 A high quality engineered hardwood floor is a central element the décor of any home, providing an ambiance of style, warmth and well being. It follows therefore that the decision on the     type and style of hardwood floor you are about to install is one that will be with you for many years to come.

 When choosing a flooring system one is faced with a basic decision on the type of planks to be used. To the naked eye, once installed, engineered wood floors and solid wood floors look       identical. The most common reasons for using an engineered hardwood floor are stability, cost effectiveness, and a concrete floor base. Almost all wood species are available in     the engineered floor variety, and Martinez Wood Floors offer a tremendous selection for your enjoyment. An engineered wood floor is comprised of a solid veneer layer of     quality wood that is glued and compressed over multiple layers of plywood.  The result is a very stable floor that can be installed directly above concrete, saving you a considerable sum of   money.

 Moisture is the enemy of all wood floors, and therefore since concrete contains moisture, solid wood floors cannot be installed directly on concrete. Typically, a wood flooring   installer would first seal the concrete with a special compound and then screw a ¾” plywood layer on top, resulting in a raised foundation that a solid piece of wood can be nailed onto.   As engineered hardwood floors are manufactured with multiple layers of plywood compressed and glued beneath a veneer of hardwood, they do not need the plywood underlayment on the   concrete base. Therefore, an engineered wood floor can be installed by sealing the concrete floor with a moisture barrier compound and then gluing it down directly over the concrete.

 Engineered wood floor elements are offered at Martinez Wood Floors in many different styles, colors and widths. When purchasing an engineered wood floor, it is important to find one   with an adequately thick veneer. The life expectancy of an engineered wood floor depends very much on how many times a floor can be sanded down and refinished.

 Martinez Wood Floors has access to a variety of dozens of different engineered floors. We have everything from domestic woods, (Oak, Maple and Walnut), to the exotic Brazilian Cherry,   Brazilian Teak and Acacia.

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